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Tree of Life Day Spa is now proud to offer ilike organic Hungarian skin care (pronounced ee-lee-ka). For over fifty years ilike has been offering the finest quality organic skin care in the world. The use of real, whole fruits, vegetables and herbs in the products is readily apparent. The experience of a facial using ilike organic skin care is unsurpassed. Enjoy!

Regenerative Hydration Facial $110
Ilike's potent, whole plant ingredients offer astounding results through hydration detoxification, cellular repair and deep nourishment. This is our custom facial tailored to your specific skin type. Your skin is restored and refreshed. Your complexion: luminous! 60 minutes

FacialsPurifying Acne Facial $155
Using Nature's most potent blemish fighting ingredients, we deeply cleanse and unclog your pores removing dirt and debris. Healing masks, alpha hydroxy acids and serums reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and heal your skin. The perfect choice for acne prone skin. Extractions are done as necessary. 90 min.

Just for Him Facial $105
Men's tougher, collagen rich skin demands a hardier facial. This deeply cleansing facial penetrates the thicker keratin layer and soothes the daily abuse of shaving. Vigorous massage techniques help promote muscle relaxation and lymphatic flow resulting in a cleaner, stress free look. 60 min.

Age Revitalizing Facial $120
Using natures strongest phytoceutical ingredients along with magnetic therapy, this facial offers astounding results by stimulating cellular metabolism and encouraging collagen production. ilike utilizes raw whole fruits, vegetables and botanicals from the nutrient rich soils of Hungary. Your skin is deeply exfoliated and nourished with powerful nutrients and antioxidants that will leave your face protected and your lines noticeably smoother. 60 min.

Wrinkle Reduction Facial $150
This is an amped up version of our Age Revitalizing Facial for those who want to see powerful results and wrinkle reduction. We add the options of ilike's signature wrinkle ironing technique with phytoestrogen mask for targeted areas along with our very active AHA and Hungarian paprika peel. We cleanse your pores through extraction and nourish your skin with a deeply hydrating, rich carrot mask. Lines are noticeably reduced and your skin left smooth and glowing with youthful radiance. 90 minutes

Hungarian Paprika Resurfacing Facial $110
Your skin is left silky smooth and glowing when we layer alpha hydroxy acids with spicy Hungarian paprika. This highly active but gentle facial improves blood circulation as it dissolves the keratin layer on the surface of the skin. Increase cellular metabolism and oxygen absorption while restructuring your beautiful skin. 60 minutes

Rich Earth Power Peel Facial $145
Amazing results ensue when we apply our yogurt power peel followed by a layered alpha hydroxy acid and spicy Hungarian paprika peel. This is a highly active facial that improves blood circulation as it dissolves the keratin layer on your skin surface. Cellular metabolism increases and oxygen absorption is improved while your beautiful skin is safely and effectively restructured. Your face is left smooth and brightened with improved collagen production and healthier skin cells. 90 minutes

Chocolate and Cherries Facial $115
Let your senses be enticed as you inhale the intoxicating aroma of dark velvety cocoa and antioxidant rich sour cherries. Both dark chocolate and sour cherries are very high in polyphenols that reduce inflammation and fight against free radicals. A yogurt power peel exfoliates the keratin layer of the skin while our serums hydrate and deeply penetrate vital antioxidants and vitamins into your skin. This facial concludes with a delicious whipped sour cherry moisturizer. Your skin is left deeply hydrated and your pores noticeably tighter. The lure is irresistible! 60 min.

Tandem Organic Facial and Hydro-Therapy Foot Bath $170
This combo was created due to its popularity with our customers. Our luscious organic facial is performed by one of our skin care specialists designed to fit your needs and skin type. During the mask portion of your facial you receive a relaxing arm and hand massage. At the same time, your feet receive an invigorating hot/cold contra-bath. Your feet are then smoothed by your choice of organic sugar scrub and hot towel wrap. We finish with a foot and lower leg massage. These treatments are performed at the same time by two people creating a deep and relaxing experience. 60 Min.
  • Age revitalizing facial upgrade $10.00
  • River stone facial upgrade $10.00
  • Coconut lime foot bath upgrade $10.00
Tandem River Stone Facial and Coconut-Lime Foot Bath $195
Drift away to a tropical place with this deliciously scented aromatherapy experience. You will receive two treatments by two people simultaneously. Our deeply relaxing and skin toning river stone facial and our warm stone coconut-lime foot bath couldn’t be a more perfect duo. Your face is very gently massaged with warm river stones and then wrapped in hot towels between product applications. Cold stones are then placed around your eyes while the mask sets helping to tone the eye area and reduce puffiness. You will receive an arm and hand massage during this time. While this is all happening to your face, your feet will be placed on warm river stones while they soak in coconut milk scented with lime. Hot towels are wrapped around your feet after they are scrubbed smooth with mojito (lime-mint) sugar scrub. We finish with a rich coconut body butter lower leg and foot massage. You will be left with a feeling of deep, richly scented euphoria. 60 Min.
  • Age revitalizing facial upgrade $10.00
Couples Facial
Combine any two of our facials of the same length of time in the same room with your spouse, partner or friend.

Extractions $15 Intense Fruit Acid Peel $25 Warm River Stones $10

All prices are subject to change without notice.

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