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Massage Treatments

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  • Signature Massage $120 / 60 Min, $175/90 Min or $240/120 Min    A Bar Harbor favorite for 20 years, the Tree of Life Day Spa Signature Massage is a spa treatment tailored to each client’s specific needs. It blends a combination of well-known techniques like Swedish and Deep Tissue along with many other modalities to address your concerns. With the help of your Massage Therapist you get to customize your treatment down to the complementary aromatherapy sent. It does not matter if you are looking for a relaxing, gentle massage or more therapeutic deep work to relax your muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are “knotted” or need attention, this is the treatment for you. Clients can book their Signature Massage for 60, 90 or 120 minutes. .
  • CBD Massage $140 / 60 Min, $195/90 Min or $260/120 Min Discover the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of a CBD massage. CBD has been shown to ease pain in muscles and joints, help relieve anxiety and depression, and help strengthen the immune system. It is non-intoxicating and non habit-forming. Your treatment will start with an edible from R&R CBD while our skilled therapists mix a specially formulated organic CBD lotion for your treatment, allowing you to deeply relax and help melt away stress and muscle soreness.  Can be preformed with Swedish or Deep Tissue techniques to relax and restore sore muscles, and Hot Stones may be included for an additional $30. Available in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions.
  • Couples Massage $240 / 60 Min, $350/90 Min or $480/120 Mi – You must book 2 therapists for this treatment
    Enjoy a relaxing spa treatment with a friend or loved one. Couples massages can be the perfect way to reconnect or spend quality time together, and they have even been proven to increase affection. Our Couples Massage is a very popular spa treatment for clients seeking a bonding experience, whether they are vacationing in Bar Harbor, honeymooning, or simply wanting company for their first massage. The Couples Massage takes place in a large, private room designed for 2 clients. Each partner may choose their favorite massage, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports or Prenatal. Couples may also pair their massage of choice with a Hot Stone treatment for an additional $30 per person, or upgrade to our CBD Massage for an additional $20 per person. Couples can also explore our Spa Siesta or Couples Package for more advanced pampering. Available in 60, 90, or 120 minute sessions (CBD upgrade available for an additional $20 per person or Hot Stone Upgrade only available in 60 minute sessions for an additional $30 per person and must be booked in advance so stones have time to heat).
  • Hot Stone Massage $150 / 60 Min  A Hot Stone Massage brings warmth and relaxation to the entire body. During your massage, your therapist will use professionally heated, body contoured river stones to massage your full body. Swedish Massage techniques combine with the Hot Stone Massage to work the heat deep into your muscles for ultimate loosening and unwinding. This luxury spa treatment lasts for 60 minutes. Must be booked in advance so stones have time to heat.
  • Sports Massage $120 / 60 Min The Bar Harbor area is no stranger to athletes of all kinds, visiting Acadia National Park for the famous outdoor sporting activities and events available. We offer our personalized Sports Massage option to accommodate all of our athletic clientele. Book pre-event to prepare for maximum performance by warming up the muscles and preparing for better mobility through massage, or post-event to flush the muscles of metabolic waste, which helps alleviate the side effects of vigorous exercise. We also recommend maintenance Sports Massages to keep clients conditioned between events, and to avoid imbalances and injuries.
  • Prenatal Massage $120 / 60 Min We specifically designed our Prenatal Massage to gently soothe your pregnancy discomforts. Our expecting clients can use the Prenatal Massage experience to focus on their wellness through improved lymph and blood circulation, tension relief in joints, and can even alleviate mood due to hormonal changes in the body. The Prenatal Massage treatment at our Bar Harbor spa is targeted to renew and refresh the back, hips, legs, and feet for comfort and rejuvenation. We recommend this spa massage treatment for women at 15 weeks and beyond.

Body Treatments

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  • Deep, Dark Chocolate Body Wrap $160 / 60 Min. The nourishing and purifying properties of Moor Mud is paired with the heavenly aroma of dark chocolate in this fantastic treatment. Hints of raspberry heightens the experience as you are cocooned in chocolate infused mud. Finally a luxurious body butter is soothingly massaged into your skin before you leave the table.
  • Moor Mud Body Wrap $150 / 60 Min. Our exotic Moor Mud Body Wrap is a day spa treatment straight from the moors of Austria. This day spa treatment at our Bar Harbor spa has many natural healing benefits. Moor mud comes from plant matter deposited into the rich layers of the earth thousands of years ago. As a result, the lush black mud creates a luxury day spa treatment for your entire body. This all natural product has been used for thousands of years. It is often revered for its opulent ability to nourish and heal the skin. We start your treatment by gently dry brushing your skin to exfoliate and prepare it to receive the mud, then paint your whole body with our warm Moor Mud. You are then cocooned snugly to allow the heat and the mud’s luxurious vitamins and minerals to work its magic on you. You’ll finish up with a warm, relaxing spa shower and then we’ll apply a deliciously decadent body butter to keep you smooth and hydrated.
  • Cellulite Diminishing Body Wrap $380 / 90 Min. None of us like the look of cellulite on our body. This treatment, performed by our expert aesthetician, offers a relaxing way to diminish it through the use of cupping massage and body wrap.Cupping is a form of reverse pressure massage that pulls tissue up into the cup, resulting in cellulite pockets being broken down. This process can achieve excellent results in diminishing the appearance of “orange peel” skin. We take this process a step further by 1st dry brushing the skin to exfoliate and increase circulation at the surface of your skin. We then apply CBD infused jojoba oil and begin cupping your areas of concern. This may leave slight to moderate bruising in areas where stagnation and tension are higher, but after your body heals, it can achieve dramatic results.   After the cupping, we will brush you with a skin toning Quince Wrap and wrap you in blankets to promote sweating. This will help to release toxins, decrease water weight and increase the absorption of nutrients and minerals from the body wrap. Finally, after you rinse off in the in-room shower, we will apply a soothing body butter to lock in the nutrients and give your skin a soft, smooth feeling.
  • Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub $160 / 60 Min. Our Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub is an indulgent day spa treatment. You will be immersed in a rich chocolate aroma for your delectable experience at our Bar Harbor spa. First, your entire body will be polished using our custom Chocolate Raspberry Sugar Scrub. After your delicious scrub, your renewed skin will be wrapped in hot towels. You will feel sweetly soothed. To finish your chocolate infused spa treatment, a luxurious body butter will be massaged into your skin. This spa treatment will leave you with a delicious feeling of relaxation before you even leave the table. In addition, you can savor your spa experience with a bar of the finest dark chocolate.
  • Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub $150 / 60 min Nothing is more soothing than the lush aroma of lavender. Our Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub is carefully designed to quiet your mind, body, and soul as you take in the benefits of organic lavender and chamomile. This day spa treatment is perfect for finding peace and letting go of stress and tension. You will soak up the calming qualities of chamomile as we gently exfoliate your body with our Organic Lavender Sugar Scrub. After your exfoliation, your therapist will wrap you in hot towels. Warmth will help you sink deeper into relaxation. Finally, you shower away the sugar scrub and complete your experience with our calming lavender chamomile body butter. Clients will leave this day spa treatment relishing the intense stress relief our Bar Harbor spa provides.
  • Hydrotherapy Foot Bath $85 / Couples Hydrotherapy Foot Bath $170 This day spa treatment is the perfect choice for the many hikers, walkers, shoppers, and hard workers that pass through our quaint Maine town. Hydrotherapy Foot Baths in our Bar Harbor spa offer your busy feet the attention they deserve. Our foot bath service combines hydrotherapy, massage, and sugar scrub. As a result, your feet experience pure bliss while your mind finds calm. First, we use hot and cold alternating baths to stimulate important circulation to your feet. You will then enjoy a delightful exfoliating sugar scrub and a hot towel wrap. We finish with our foot and lower leg massage for ultimate pampering. This day spa treatment is offered as an individual session as well as a couples spa treatment. Clients should allow 45 minutes for this spa treatment.
  • CBD Relaxing Foot Bath $105 / Couples CBD Relaxing Foot Bath $210 Rest your weary feet in a warm bath of hot river stones and effervescent CBD soak while we massage your arms and hands. Then we exfoliate your feet with a customized scented CBD sugar scrub and end with a relaxing massage with customized CBD lotion for your feet and lower legs. This treatment takes relaxation to a new level. Enjoy one alone or bring a friend and get them together in our peaceful Bar Harbor spa.
  • Coconut Lime Foot Bath $95 / Couples Coconut Lime Foot Bath $190 Treat your feet to a luscious bath of steamy coconut milk and warm river stones with this day spa treatment. Your therapist will provide a hand massage while your feet soak. As a result, you will be able to bask in the full tranquility of your day spa treatment. After your blissful soak, we then polish your feet with our fresh Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub. Warmth will be provided with a hot towel wrap. Finally, your day spa treatment ends with a foot and lower leg massage using our rich coconut-vanilla body butter. This spa and massage treatment will take you to paradise in our Bar Harbor spa.​
  • Spicy Paprika Back Treatment $175 / 60 Min. Our Spicy Paprika Back Treatment brings a little kick to our Bar Harbor spa. This day spa treatment targets your most hard to reach area: your back. First, we will deeply cleanse your back. Then, you will be treated to a massage using Swedish Massage techniques. The relaxation heats up with our Spicy Hungarian Paprika Peel. This rich mask is applied to your back and sets while you enjoy a luxurious scalp massage. Our spiced spa treatment has multiple benefits for your skin, including hydration and a soothing effect on your senses. When your peppery rejuvenation is complete, we will finish with a smooth, hydrating moisturizer. Not only will you feel relaxed from your spa and massage treatment, but your skin will feel fresh and renewed.

Facial Treatments

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  • Organic Hydration Facial $145/60min. No two people have the same skin. Our signature facial is a customized experienced built on your specific skin care goals. After analyzing your skin and discussing your needs, your aesthetician will tailor your organic facial, selecting products with your individual skin in mind.
    Custom facials at Tree of Life include cleansing, exfoliation, masks, custom massage techniques and hydration. Our Signature Facial uses steam and warm towels to relax and deeply push nutrients into your skin, promoting circulation and increased cell turnover. You will be left feeling rejuvenated with a beautiful, hydrated glow. Recommended add-ons: Extractions, Botanical peel, Yogurt power peel, Spicy Hungarian Paprika peel
  • Organically Clear Acne Facial $195/90 min. We understand the needs of acne prone skin and though we do not claim to offer a miracle cure for acne, we have designed a facial that delivers high impact results that will help you feel less inflamed throughout the day. The causes of acne are very complex and greatly vary from person to person. Topical products and dietary changes are the most successful ways to treat acne but it is important to recognize that further care may be needed by a licensed dermatologist if all else has failed. We have been very pleased with the results that our incredible products have provided our clients and are happy to help guide you on your skin healing journey. Our experts aestheticians will analyze your skin and build a custom facial for your unique needs and goals while also offering education on ways to care for your skin on a daily basis. The organically clear facial utilizes powerful phytoactive products that will resurface, heal and nourish your skin while minimizing bacteria and protecting you from further breakouts. Extractions are included in this facial to leave you with a clearer complexion. Please note that this facial is an intense facial and your skin will initially be red in appearance and possibly for 24 hours post facial. There is no downtime and you may resume regular activities immediately afterwards though we do recommend that you avoid direct sun exposure for a couple of days after a peel.
  • Gentleman’s Organic Facial 145/60min. Ideal for men who like to look and feel their best. This facial helps repair and nourish the damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, and the environmental impact of both city and outdoor living. Your aesthetician will deeply cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate your skin while wrapping your face in hot steamy towels for the ultimate experience in manly skin care. Our gentleman’s facial includes a relaxing neck, head and shoulder massage that will melt away tension and leave you feeling ready to take on the day. In addition to your facial, your aesthetician will advise you on how to care for your skin and prevent razor burn and inflammation caused by shaving. Look, live and feel your best! Recommended add-ons:Extractions, CBD journey, Botanical peel, Yogurt power peel, Spicy Hungarian paprika peel
  • Age Delay Facial $165/60 min. Stop the clock and begin preventing the early onset signs of aging with our high impact age delaying facial. Our age delay facial uses the very best in protective and healing skin care products to help shield your face against the environmental impacts of daily life while building collagen for a healthy, youthful appearance. Your aesthetician will use custom massage techniques to tone and lift your skin, deep exfoliation to resurface and encourage collagen production and warm steam to push nutrients deeper into your skin, promote circulation and increase cell turnover. This facial will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated with a radiant, youthful glow. Recommended add-ons: Extractions, Milia removal, Botanical peel, Yogurt Power peel, or Spicy Hungarian paprika peel for a deeper exfoliation experience.
  • Age Defying Collagen Facial $195/90 min. We utilize the latest in organic Eco Peptides, enzyme peels and stem cell therapy to rewind and reset the clock with our custom age defying facial. Our expert aestheticians will use lifting and toning massage techniques along with Eco peptides to restructure, while warm steam and towels gently push nutrients deeper into your skin. Our spicy Hungarian paprika peel resurfaces your skin and promotes intense collagen production while encouraging a faster cell turnover rate, leaving you with a revitalized youthful appearance. The age defying facial includes pore cleansing and blackhead removal to even out the tone of your skin while neck, head and shoulder massage to bring you to a state of balance and harmony. Allow us to take you on a journey of pure pampering and nurturing care for your beautiful face. Recommended add-ons: Milia removal, Ageless hand treatment
  • Tandem Facial & Foot Bath $260/60 min This is where we take relaxation to the next level.
    At the head of the table, your aesthetician will pamper your face with our signature facial. A beautiful blend of high potency organic skincare will deeply cleanse, pamper and hydrate your skin, while your feet are simultaneously receiving a luxurious coconut milk soak, sugar polish and massage, leaving you in a state of bliss and balance. This beautiful service is 60 minutes long and performed by two practitioners at the same time. Recommended add-ons: Resurfacing enzyme peel to leave your skin glowing
  • Gua Sha Lifting and Toning Facial $195 / 90 Min. If you are looking for a lifting facial without the needles, this is the facial for you. Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that uses contoured stones to lift and tone your face muscles while draining lymphatic buildup that causes puffiness. Cupping is a suction, reverse pressure technique that promotes circulation, lift, tones and breaks down adhesions in the myofascial layers. Both techniques are used in this 90 minute facial to naturally tone your skin and build collagen. Combined with a gentle botanical enzyme peel this facial will leave your skin feeling positively radiant. This facial is relaxing, but it is also a treatment for toning and building collagen. You may wear makeup and there is no downtime directly after, but please expect your face to be flushed and pink for a few hours or more when you are done.
  • Vitamin C Power Peel Facial $165/60 min. Our Vitamin C Power Peel facial is an intense antioxidant rich facial, ideal for those living with overly stressed complexions.
    Vitamin C is known to be rich in free radical fighting antioxidants and it is also very beneficial in reducing oil production and preventing environmental toxins from further damaging your skin. Our yogurt power peel is lactic acid, which makes it a smaller molecule peel that penetrates the upper layers of the skin, gently resurfacing, while promoting collagen production and lightening the darker pigmentation spots on your skin’s surface. Our custom massage techniques will deeply relax you while warm towels and steam help penetrate nutrients deeper into your skin leaving you with a balanced and illuminating glow. This facial promises to deliver an even skin tone and a balanced, more refined complexion to your day to day life. Not ideal for acne prone skin. Please talk to your skin care specialist if you have acne prone skin but would like to reduce hyperpigmentation. We are happy to tailor a facial that will meet your needs.
  • CBD Illuminating Facial $165/60 min. CBD is beneficial to all skin types due to its powerful antioxidant and inflammatory agents. From anti-aging to acne and everything in between, CBD helps reverse and heal damage to the skin’s surface while nourishing and protecting the deeper layers by sparking a gentle detox process. CBD encourages a more even skin tone and healthy glow, while also reducing fine lines and blemishes. Our CBD facial begins with a couple of drops of high grade CBD oil under your tongue to initiate a calming release of tension. Your experienced Aesthetician will then take you on a relaxing journey as we gently detox, re-surface and nourish your skin to a beautiful illuminating glow. This facial includes a gentle botanical peel, to help stimulate collagen production and refine the surface of your face. CBD infused jojoba oil and warm steam help lift and push nutrients deep into the layers of your skin leaving you feeling a complete renewal of mind, body and spirit. Recommended add-ons: Spicy Hungarian Paprika Peel for a deeper resurfacing experience, Extractions

Tree of Life Day Spa Eclipse MicroPen EVO Microneedle Treatment

Microneedle treatments are designed to be more of a heavy hitter when it comes to anti-aging and acne scars.

Microneedling creates tiny holes in the skin creating what is referred to as “micro trauma..” This is controlled by a microneedle pen that gently glides over the treatment area causing what is called pin-point bleeding. After the treatment your skin will need a few days to recover before you start to see the results.

Tree of Life Day Spa is proud to use the new, Eclipse MicroPen EVO. The MicroPen EVO’s technology is refined for an intensified collagen induction therapy. That translates to more collagen stimulation in every appointment. EVO offers a true, FDA-cleared solution for clients with facial acne scars looking to improve their skin’s tone, texture, and color with each visit.

What to expect in a 60 minute microneedle treatment:

At Tree of Life Day Spa, your trained skin care professional will set you up in a private, quiet space to cleanse your skin. Alcohol is applied to ensure that all residue and oils are removed before applying a numbing cream to the treatment area 30 minutes prior to the treatment. The numbing cream significantly reduces what you will feel when the pen is gliding over your skin but of course everyone is different and so, some may experience more than others. It is most commonly described as feeling like sand paper moving across the skin.

Pure hyaluronic acid is applied to your skin to promote ease of movement for the needles which also allows the needles to push the product deeper into your skin, further aiding in the efficacy of this treatment. When your treatment is complete, we will apply a cool, nutrient dense collagen mask which will soothe and calm your skin before you leave.

After a microneedle treatment, your skin will feel like you have a sunburn. It will be sensitive for a few days following as it begins the healing process. After the initial session, you can expect sensitive skin, peeling and redness. This is the healing stage and usually lasts between 4-7 days depending on your skin and how deep the treatment is. After this time period, you will see your skin beginning to normalize and restructure. Your skin has to go through these stages to get to the remodeling stage. This is the stage where you will begin to see that your wrinkles are diminishing, fine lines disappear, acne scars become smoother looking in appearance and an overall plumped skin due to an increase in collagen production.

During your recovery:

DO –

  • Do protect your skin from the sun using pure, organic sunscreens or protective clothing and hats.
  • Do apply the recommended aftercare products your skin care professional provides for you.

Do Not –

  • Do not wear makeup for 48 hours post treatment
  • Do not use any peels or retinols for 2 weeks post treatment
  • Do not pick and any peeling skin as this may result in scars or damage. It is very important to allow your face to heal without interference. We understand that some people struggle to not pick at their skin so please inform your skin care technician of this so we can come up with a plan for you.
  • Do not wear underwire bras or anything tight and restrictive over treatment zones. It is best to allow your skin to breathe.

As you decide if microneedle treatments are right for you, please keep in mind, they are not a quick fix. Best results are seen 4-6 weeks post treatment.  Multiple sessions always have the most powerful results so if you’re combating deeper wrinkles, sun damage, age spots or acne scars, you will want to book at least 3-4 sessions. All sessions on an area must be at least 4 weeks apart so as to not interfere with the healing and remodeling stages post microneedle treatment.

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Common Treatment Areas:

  • Face & Neck $400
  • Décolleté (Chest) $400
  • Breasts $400
  • Décolleté and Breast package $750
  • Lower abdomen $400
  • Upper abdomen $400
  • Full Abdomen $750
  • Arms $450
  • Hands $200
  • Knees $200
  • Inner thigh bikini zone $400

If you have a special request, let us know and we will price a custom package for you


Waxing Treatments

Waxing Treatments must be booked by phone
Call us at (207) 288-5551


  • Bikini $75
  • Brazilian $95
  • Brazilian follow up $75
  • Full Legs $150
  • Half Leg $75
  • Full Arms $70
  • Half Arms $45
  • Under Arm $40


  • Face $55
  • Cheeks $27
  • Chin $22
  • Lip $22
  • Brow $22
  • Brow Shaping $35
  • Add-on wax services priced by body part


  • Chest & Abdomen $150
  • Back $95
  • Chest $75
  • Abdomen $75
  • Men’s Brazilian $95
  • Men’s Brazilian Follow-Up $75
  • Add-on wax services priced by body part

*Brazilian Follow Up must be booked within 4-6 weeks after the last waxing appointment at our Spa. Otherwise please book a full Brazilian.

Treatment Packages

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  • Spa Siesta $205 / Couples Spa Siesta $410 Take a siesta any time of day as you drift off with a relaxing full body massage followed by a soothing hydrotherapy foot bath. Choose from Swedish, deep tissue or sports massage. You can also upgrade to a Coconut Lime Foot Bath and or a Hot Stone or CBD massage for a small fee. The way every day of your life should be. Allow 2 plus hours for this service.
  • Chocolate Decadence $320 Our Chocolate Decadence package is guaranteed to be a delicious experience. These indulgent spa treatment packages begin with a full body polish using a chocolate raspberry sugar scrub. This decadent treatment continues with our Deep, Dark Chocolate Dead Sea mud wrap to nourish your skin. We heighten your sweet escape at our Bar Harbor spa with an orange blossom body spritzer. Before you leave the table, we gently massage a luxurious body butter into your skin. In addition to your decadent chocolate spa treatment, savor your relaxation in our private lounge. Here you can end your experience with a bar of the finest dark chocolate and cup of hot raspberry tea. Clients should allow at least 2.5 hours for the Chocolate Decadence spa treatment.
  • Stone & Mud $295 The earthy elements of hot stone massage and Moor Mud body wrap combine to dissolve stress like no other package of treatments. Designed for those whose active lives require plenty of recovery. Let the warmth of stone and mud saturate your body and ease your tense muscles. If you choose to indulge, plan on at least 2 hours for this service.
  • Couples Package $710 Our Couples Package is one of our most sensational spa treatment packages to share. Our staff will help you and your loved one enjoy a half-day in your own private room. Your spa treatment package will start with a lavish full body massage. Once your relaxation has begun with your couples massage, you will both be treated to our Organic Ilike Regenerative Hydrating Facial. We customize this particular facial to meet each person’s skin type needs with this whole plant product. The Couples Package ends with our Therapeutic Hydrotherapy Foot Bath for the ultimate spa and massage treatments from head to toe. Clients should allow at least 3.5 hours for their spa treatment packages.
  • Essential $270 This classic spa treatment package is a popular mix of spa and massage treatments. No spa day is complete without the grandeur of a massage and facial combination. Therefore, our clients get to choose from a Swedish Massage, a Deep Tissue Massage, or a Sports Massage. After being brought into relaxation, clients experience our favorite Ilike Organic Facial. The Essential Package is a way for clients to customize their experience at our Bar Harbor day spa. Clients can leave feeling completely satisfied with their full service. Clients should allow at least 2 hours for this service.
  • Divinity $450 Our Divinity Package is for those clients who want to treat themselves with the height of luxury in their spa package. Our deluxe spa treatment package includes 3.5 hours of rest, rejuvenation, and the royal treatment. Your spa package begins with a Moor Mud Body Wrap to nourish your skin with only the highest quality and natural ingredients. Next, we ease you into our popular Hot Stone Massage. We use the warmth and varied massage techniques to get rid of any lasting tension. Your Divinity spa treatment package will end with our customized Ilike Organic Facial to complete your Bar Harbor spa experience. Clients should allow at least 3.5 hours for this total body spa treatment.


Here at Tree of Life Day Spa, we offer numerous spa and massage treatment options. Our State of Maine licensed massage therapists and aestheticians are highly trained professionals. As a result, we bring quality spa and massage treatments to our clients. Because of our staff, we can offer an array of results-oriented treatments to complete your custom spa experience.

Tree of Life Day Spa in Bar Harbor, Maine brings spa and massage treatments and packages to the coastal communities of Mount Desert Island. We happily service a wide range of clientele. From hikers enjoying Acadia National Park to local returning customers, we treat a variety of clients. Whether vacationing in our scenic Maine town or a regular customer, our clients are warmly welcomed to our spa. We help them feel comfortable treating themselves to our spa and massage treatments.


Endless Spa and Massage Treatment Possibilities
Our Bar Harbor spa strives to bring an exclusive variety of spa treatments. Whether our customers are looking for an all day spa treatment or a sports maintenance massage, Tree of Life Day Spa has them covered.

The extensive menu of services meets the spa and massage treatment needs of all customers. We at Tree of Life Day Spa believe in helping our clients find the right spa packages to benefit our clients. For instance, you can choose from a list of restorative facials to leave your skin radiant, a memorable couples deep tissue massage, or even a self-indulgent 2.5 hour Chocolate Decadence experience. Customers can find efficient comfort or regal luxury with our collections of spa and massage services and packages.


Premium Spa Experience
Tree of Life Day Spa offers individual, group, and couples spa and massage treatments. We seek to reach all customers to provide individualized spa services. Not only are we committed to providing you a lavish spa experience, but we are also committed to using the highest quality natural products to pamper you and your body.

​Our spa treatments include facials, body wraps and scrubs, and waxing services. We also bring Swedish, Hot Stone, and Deep Tissue massage options to the Bar Harbor and Acadia area. We even offer hydrotherapy foot massages and spa treatment packages that all visitors will love.

​In addition to a number of exceptional spa and massage treatments, we also seek to provide clients with the best products possible. Tree of Life Day Spa services use organic and natural ingredients to nourish your skin without harsh chemicals or unrecognizable ingredients. We use Ilike products as well as other natural materials. Our products soothe, relax, and refresh our clients during their spa and massage treatments.


Effortless Booking
Tree of Life Day Spa offerings are easy to book. If you find a spa service, massage, or spa treatment package that appeals to you, click on this link to book your service today!

You can also book your spa and massage treatments by calling us at (207) 288 – 5551. We are happy to help you pamper yourself.

​Clients will find the highest quality spa and massage treatments with us. Our friendly and trained professionals are ready to help. We invite you to explore the tranquil environment at our spa in Bar Harbor, Maine.